Chemical elements
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    PDB 1a0c-1epy
    PDB 1et4-1k7y
    PDB 1k98-1r6x
    PDB 1r8k-1v9b
    PDB 1vl3-212d
    PDB 222d-2eff
    PDB 2ehd-2j3z
    PDB 2j4j-2r1p
    PDB 2r2s-331d
    PDB 362d-3fqw
    PDB 3ft6-3igy
    PDB 3igz-3o0n
    PDB 3o0o-4req
    PDB 4xim-9icb

Cobalt Production


Cobalt is a rare metal; the abundant deposits are almost exhausted. For this reason Cobalt is usually not mined alone, and tends to be produced as a by-product of nickel and copper after concentrating. The headings then are treated by sulphur acid or ammonia solutions then processed via pyrometallurgical methods into sulphide alloy and then trated by sulphur acid again in heaps. After that cobalt is extracted from its impurities. The most difficult operation is the separation of nickel from cobalt in cobalt refining facilities. The solution which contains cations of the both elements is put into reaction which strong oxidizer such as chlorine or sodium hypochlorite NaOCl which causes cobalt precipitation. The final refining is made by electrolysis of sulphates water solution with boric acid H3BO3.

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